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Gazy Brothers Farm

Gazy Brothers Farm is going on its fourth generation of farming. Established in 1918, Grandma and Grandpa Gazsi purchased their farm in Oxford. At that time, they raised the freshest vegetables sold at local grocery stores and delis in the Naugatuck Valley area. The Gazsi cousins owned a butcher shop and would sell Grandma Gazsi’s homemade pickles and sauerkraut from the cucumbers and cabbage raised on the farm.

Today, Joe Gazy owns the 80 acre farm and his son Ed runs it with the help of his wife, Alexis; his brothers, Pete and Tony; and his four children, Dominic, Roseanne, Nicholas, and Albert. Neighbors tend to give a helping hand during the busy hay season, too.

The Gazys currently produce approximately 25 acres of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plants on the farm and on neighboring properties. Ed and the family also keep busy by working up to 200 acres of hay each year. Besides the farm stand, the Gazys sell produce at a roadside stand on Route 67 in Oxford, several farmer’s markets, and a few grocery stores when extra produce is available and through a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA). Produce is not organic, however, it is grown using an integrated pest management program, which reduces the amount of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals to ensure healthy plants and flavorful produce.

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Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm

Beaver Brook Farm has been home to the Sankow family since 1917 and is committed to preserving the environment. Situated on one hundred and seventy-five acres in Lyme, CT, it was originally worked as a dairy farm. In 1984, Stan and Suzanne Sankow introduced their first sheep, Sherry and Ding, to the farm. In 2002, they re-introduced cattle to the farm. It is now a sheep and cow dairy farm producing goods of the highest quality.

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Beldotti Bakery

The Beldotti family has been in the bakery business since 1985 and is committed to quality baking and customer service. Beldotti Bakery is a scratch bakery offering a full line of bakery products, including such items as cakes, pies mini pastries, fancy cookies, danish, donuts, and everything in between. They are known for their large assortment of handcrafted artisan breads, baked fresh daily.

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Pika’s Farm Table

Since 2002, Pika Roel from Pika's Farm Table makes old fashioned quiches and tarts, soups, potpies, appetizers and pestos, using farm fresh ingredients, just like her Belgian mother used to do. Using ingredients from local farms in the Hudson Valley area, she creates lines of healthy old fashion true foods, that require minimal preparation.

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Bistro Du Soleil

Maria Munoz Del Castillo and her mother Sole Del Castillo Blanco started Bistro Du Soleil in 2010 in order to return to their passion for cooking. Now they cook and sell gourmet foods with a Chilean twist at local farmers market in Connecticut. They use local ingredients and create truly delicious and gourmet prepared foods.

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J. Glebocki Farms

J. Glebocki Farms is owned and operated by John Glebocki, a fifth generation farmer in the black dirt region of Orange County, NY. They grow a wide variety of vegetables and specialty crops for farmer's markets in the tri-state area.  They pride themselves in offering responsibly grown farm fresh produce that is safe and healthy to eat. Since safe growing practices and product handling are priorities at their farm, shoppers can be confident in the quality of the produce they purchase from J. Glebocki Farms.

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Greenwich Food Company

Using the best quality natural ingredients and family recipes, Greenwich Food Company specializes in producing products that are no longer regularly made in the home, keeping alive the art of preserve making. They aim to make and sell only the best products available to everyone regardless of cooking skills or time restrictions of a busy lifestyle. Seasonal produce picked at its peak of ripeness is the basis of everything they make. Taste and quality are the most important factors in the creation of their products. Greenwich Food Company hopes to share their love of a "good food lifestyle" with all.

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Kelly’s Four Plus Granola

Cordy started making granola at home as a healthy snack for her children. Eventually, Cory’s son Nate started taking large bowls of her granola to rowing regattas where he was coaching. The rowers – and their parents – became big fans and more and more orders for their granola began to come in from athletes, parents, and friends. Then family started Kelly’s Four Plus Granola in which they still make their granola in small batches and hand bake it. All of their flavors start with four healthy ingredients: 100% whole grain rolled oats, all natural canola oil, all natural honey, and pure maple syrup. Then they add dried fruit, raw nuts, dark chocolate, and natural flavorings to create their delicious 6 flavors.

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Meredith’s Bread

Meredith’s Bread has produced home-made and preservative-free breads, cookies, pies and preserves in Kingston, NY since 1987. Meredith’s Bread makes their baked goods with the highest quality ingredients and uses local ingredients when in season. They have grown to include dedicated lines of sugar free, wheat free, gluten free, and organic baked goods.

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Newgate Farms

Newgate Farms is a family owned and operated fresh market garden in Windsor, CT. The farm has been in the Sedor family for five generations, since 1933. Newgate Farms produces a variety of high quality fruits and vegetables and makes farm fresh bakery items. They love to share their experiences with their customers and build a sense of community at the farmers markets.

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Ox Hollow Farm

Ox Hollow Farm raises high quality, pasture raised, sustainable meats, poultry, and eggs. The farm sits on 150+ acres of pasture in Roxbury, CT, where over 500 animals are raised all naturally. The farm has operated for over 20 years without the use of steroids, antibiotics or hormones. All animals are free range and rotationally graze on open pasture. Hay and Corn are products of the farm, which supplement the diet of the animals during non-production seasons.

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Riverbank Farm

Riverbank Farm was founded by David Blyn twenty years ago and was joined by his wife, Laura, in 1996. They grow a diverse range of certified organic vegetables, cut flowers and hay. Nourished by the fertile bottomland soil of the Shepaug River, the farm uses no herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. David and Laura now have three children who add love and laughter to each farm day. David and Laura believe that once you eat vegetables from the farm, the farm becomes part of you.

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Rose’s Berry Farm

Rose’s Berry Farm is a pick-your-own berry farm in South Glastonbury, CT that has been in operation since 1908. Rose’s Berry Farm is the largest blueberry farm in the state of Connecticut with over 40 acres of blueberry plants. In addition to blueberries, the farm also provides other seasonal favorites including strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, pears and pumpkins.

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Ronnybrook Dairy

Ronnybrook Farm is a dairy farm that has been family owned and operated for the past 70 years and takes pride in the health and care of its dairy cows. The farm practices organic techniques, does not use pesticides or bovine growth hormones, and makes milk products in small batches for peak freshness. The farm’s milk is sold in sustainable, reusable glass bottles and also used to make yogurts, butter, and ice creams. All Ronnybrook Dairy products are certified Kosher by ‘KVH’.

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Smith’s Acres

Smith’s Acres is a family farm owned and operated by husband and wife team Joe and Teri Smith in East Lyme, CT. They farm over 35 acres and grow a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, annuals and perennials using integrated pest management (IPM) techniques. Joe sells his fresh produce at farmers markets throughout CT and at his greenhouse in Niantic, CT.

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Sticky Nuts

Sticky-Nuts was founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Zachary and Rebecca. When Rebecca was diagnosed with Lupus she found that trail mix was what helped her survive, becoming one of the few foods that her body could tolerate. Rebecca quickly grew tired of the same old trail mix and Sticky-Nuts was born. Sticky-Nuts is dedicated to making delicious, healthy, flavorful and fun gourmet trail mixtures. Their trail mixes are made with quality nuts, seeds, and fruit and are naturally gluten free. They make an excellent light lunch, snack, salad mix-in, healthy dessert, or breakfast topper.

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Tierra Farm

Tierra Farm is a certified organic producer and roasting company located in upstate New York. All of the roasting, mixing and flavoring for their nuts, nut mixes, and nut butters are conducted at their organic, peanut-free roasting and processing facility.

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Wave Hill Bread

Wave Hill breads are crafted by hand using age-old French methods. They are made from unbleached wheat flour, organic spelt and organic rye berries that are milled for each batch, sea salt, water, and a pinch of yeast. All breads are made with care from start to finish over a 12-hour period that ensures their deliciousness in every bite.

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Whistle Stop Bakery

The bakers at Whistle Stop Bakery mix with love, bake to perfection, and make everything fresh daily. They use the highest quality and most wholesome ingredients in their baked goods, and source many ingredients from local farms when possible. Each sweet and savory treat is made from family recipes and that have been enjoyed by the community for more than 30 years.

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Woodland Farm

Woodland Farm is a family farm owned and operated by Pete Teveris and his family since 1963 in South Glastonbury, CT. The Teveris family maintains over 32 acres of orchards where they grow a variety of apples, peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, cherries and more using integrated pest management (IPM) techniques. In addition to growing fruits, the farm also makes fresh pressed apple cider from its own CT Grown apples.

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